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We are pleased to be offering a work by the Victorian British artist John Atkinson Grimshaw along with a nice selection of modern British art, old master drawings & paintings,

intaglio's dating from the 2nd Century BC, jewellery & silver.

Silver to include Niello, Indian, Burmese & Chinese.

We also have a good selection of important furniture & sculptures from the 15th Century to the 19th Century to include a John Cassidy (Irish, 1860-1939), unique full size plaster modello of the sculptors masterwork, 1909.

(h 206cm x d 27cm x w 170cm)

N.B. “The subject of the modello is human destiny, Inspired by the legitimate hope that beyond the dark confines of human knowledge there waits for man the glorious dawn of a brighter day."

Viewing dates are:

1st & 2nd October from 10am-4pm

3rd of October from 10am up until the start of the sale (12noon)

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